About the MAF

The Madison Athletic Foundation (MAF), a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, was created in 2006 to promote and support youth athletics in Madison, NJ. The MAF mission is to promote and maintain a strong culture of youth athletics open to all children in the borough of Madison.  We provide financial support and leadership toward, but not limited to, the establishment and maintenance of first-class athletics facilities in Madison.  Our success, in partnership with Madison Borough and the Madison Board of Education, will help provide the necessary tools for our youth to develop sound athletic skills on safe athletic fields while promoting fitness and wellness for all.

The MAF’s first project was completed in 2007 with the successful installation of artificial turf at Madison High School’s Monica Field.  The MAF raised $775,000 to pay for the entire project.

The Foundation’s current focus is raising funds in support of the new Madison Recreation Center at 184 Ridgedale Avenue. The MAF has already made all interest payments and has paid down principal on the borough’s $3.5 million bond anticipation note.  We encourage all members of our community to donate to the MAF, by clicking the Donate button to the right, and help support a very worthwhile cause.

The MAF Advisory Board meets regularly to decide on key issues impacting youth sports in Madison. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the board with suggestions to help improve our youth athletics programs.

Thank you for your continued support and…

Go Dodgers!